Have you ever had an epic fail project…

My husband asked me if I could crochet him a hat for winter.  I was so excited because I had a simple (really simple) pattern that I was just waiting to dive into.  I gathered my hook and yarn that I was going to use (he requested it be grey) curled up in my favorite chair and reviewed the pattern before I began.

The pattern calls for measuring the head of the person you are making the hat for, so  I take my handy dandy measuring tape and ask my husband if I can measure his head.  He gives me the “what are you getting yourself into look” and complies with my request , I write his head circumference down in my crochet scratch book with the rest of the WIP’s I am working on and start my chains to begin making the base of his hat.  And now the fun part begins, hahaha, so I thought.  I follow the pattern exactly reading it over and over , it’s simple really sc in blo, i’ve done many projects with this stitch.

So I make it to the width of his head  according to the measurement from my handy dandy measuring tape.  And here is where the epic fail could have been fixed if I had just wrapped the rectangle around his head instead of taking the measuring tape to measure the rectangle.

So all excited I tell my husband I am almost finished with his hat, all I need to do is stitch the soon to be hat up along the sides and close the top.  The stitching is finally done so I turn the hat right-side out and tell him to try it on.  Now at this point after the sewing but before he tries it on I look at the hat then his head and think to myself, he really  has a big head, but again saying this to myself as to not draw attention to his head circumference.

He takes the hat that is folded up from the bottom and puts it on his head.  And this is where I knew this was an epic fail.  The hat (now remember it is folded up) covered not only his head, it covered his eyes and nose too.  So I say to him unfold it and try it on as a slouchy hat, OMG that was even worse, his whole face was covered.  Now the both of us are cracking up laughing because we know I made the hat too big for his head.

Now I have a hat that really is a nice hat but I don’t know what to do with it because no one I know has a head that big.  All I could think of doing was taking a picture of it and writing this post about this epic fail that really is funny and we will laugh at for a very long time. 154151BE-7B7A-4A30-B5C3-3BAA37F0AC11


You crochet, really!!! Why?

As I started to crochet hat for my husband I started laughing at myself. I get asked a lot what are your hobbies and when I get to “I love to crochet” there is a silence. So of course I ask is there something wrong with crocheting? The response usually is my grandma used to crochet or crocheting is for Grammies.

My crochet journey started as a form of therapy after I had a surgery in 2014 where I had a teratoma that was very large removed along with my left ovary. After the surgery, about six months later I developed anxiety. At first I wasn’t sure what was happening thinking OMG am I having a heart attack or is something else wrong. I felt like I had constant energy that I couldn’t burn off. When I found out from my physician that it was indeed anxiety, this was after many tests, we decided that I needed to change some things in my life. I live a healthy lifestyle, I eat clean and I workout every day, but there was a missing piece of the puzzle.

One thing I knew what’s that I missed crafting, so I decided that I was going to buy myself a crochet hook, some yarn and I was going to make my first project. I chose to make a blanket since it was the easiest to start with because I had no clue how to read a pattern: (ch 101, sc in 2nd st from hook, blah, blah, blah). I did what all new crocheters do and searched “crochet blankets” on You Tube and a few weeks later I had my first project and was surprised that it came out all straight and even.

As I was working on my project I found something soothing about the repetition of insert hook pull through a loop, yarn over pull through two loops. It took my mind off everything and I started to feel relaxed like I was meditating but with a crochet hook in hand and a skein of yarn by my side. This I knew was my niche and I knew I could enjoy and become really good at it and it would help me get through my anxiety.

Fast forward to today, it has been four years and now I can read a crochet pattern like a pro, I have my favorite stitches and ones I am not so fond of but if the project calls for it well I am in. I get to create things to give as gifts, things to wear and even tried my hand at making a sweater, can’t wait to wear it this fall. A few of my co-workers are even getting lessons.

So when I am asked why, it’s because crocheting is something that I enjoy and it helps me get through my anxiety, it gives me a chance to disconnect as i begin to start another project and fall into its rhythm.